What People Are Saying About Us

Robert (Maine)

"The heat exchanger for our aquaculture research worked beyond our expectations and we would like to buy another one!"

Michelle (Edmonton)

"You were the only ones willing to talk to us and take the time to understand our specific heat exchanger application. Your help with pump selection and system design was invaluable."

Paul (Atlantic Canada)

"I just want to let you know how impressed I was to find a company who actually has nickel brazed heat exchangers in stock in North America!"

Michael (Texas Park and Wildlife)

"Hi Peter, I would like to let you know the chiller is working beyond our expectations. It was originally setup on a 3500 gallon system.

Start temp was 25.0° Celsius. Full open flow through a one inch pipe with chilled water entering @ 6.0° Celsius.
In four hours down to 17.5° Celsius, a drop of 7.5° Celsius.
In twelve hours down to 9.0° Celsius, a drop of 8.5 Celsius.
In 24 hours down to 8.0° Celsius, for a total temp. drop of 17.0 Celsius in 24 hours.

We were able to get the tank water temp down to 6.8° Celsius with a chiller water entering temp at 6.0° Celsius, with two pumps running on the system. Chiller was moved to a 14,000 gallon system and we were having problems getting down to 15.0 Celsius. Chiller was installed with a start temp of 20.1 Celsius, same chilled water entering temp and pipe size a 2Hp and a 1Hp pump also on the system.

In eight hours tank water was down to 17.0° Celsius.
In twenty hours tank water temp was down to 13.5° Celsius. Outstanding!!!

We would like to purchase some more chillers in the future and I was wondering if we could make some modifications.The one we have has one inch steel side plates. Could these be changed to ½ inch stainless steel plates? Could all the bolts be also changed to stainless? Im thinking long term corrosion resistance in a saltwater environment.

Thank You."