Titanium SEC Heat Exchanger
  • Titanium Series
  • -superior corrosion resistance
  • -custom and standard designs
  • -industrial, marine, aquaculture
  • -swimming pools
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Titanium heat exchangers for swimming pools

See www.poolheatexchangers.com.

Industrial Titanium heat exchangers for industry and marine applications.

See www.heatexchangers.ca/custom

The use of titanium heat exchangers are gaining popularity in the heat transfer field. The fabrication of titanium heat exchangers using traditional designs has made the resulting products expensive. The high cost of titanium makes it imperative that designs utilizing the latest heat transfer technology be considered. SEC has been successful in applying highly efficient manufacturing technologies to the manufacture of titanium heat exchangers. The results are; less material used, small foot print, higher heat transfer rates. The end result of these advances means lower prices when compared to the outdated designs still being produced by other manufacturers.

SEC Titanium heat exchangers are available in several design styles. A member of our technical staff can assist you in selecting the best titanium heat exchanger design suited for your application.

Please send us your project requirements by using our quote form or please call us at 902-659-2424 and a member of our staff will gladly select the SEC model best suited for your application.

You can download more manuals on this or on any of the SEC products for more information.